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Collective Burn

Collective Burn is designed to Ignite your Metabolism, Burn Max Calories and Build your Metabolic Conditioning. In this class, you will never work with a Barbell or do High-Level Gymnastics Skills. Each Class is 1 hour, beginning with a dynamic Warm Up, then a 30 Min workout, and finishing with an accessory piece.

What To Expect

  1. In this class you will move load but only with Dumbbell's, Kettlebells, Wall Balls, Slam Balls (No Bar Bell Movements)
  2. You will learn to move your own body weight, but will not perform high level gymnastic skills
  3. Gain confidence with experienced coaches that care about your goals and work hard to help you achieve them. Each class is coach lead from start to finish. 1 hour beginning with a dynamic warm up, followed by a 30 min workout then finishing with an accessory.

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Conveniently located off 283, route 30, and just a few minutes from downtown Lancaster.

CrossFit Collective is located and easily accessible from all of Lancaster.

1285 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
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