Naomi Beach

Naomi Beach


I am a strong rower and enjoyed participating in Dragonboat races while living in Switzerland. I completed a Spartan Sprint and Super race and am proud of doing a 265# deadlift during a masters competition.


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

Certified Health Coach

About Coach

I grew up playing field hockey and was a swimmer throughout high school. As an adult, I did not prioritize my health and became less active, unfit, and eventually overweight. I discovered CrossFit in 2010 while living in Switzerland and it has since become one of the core pillars in my life. CrossFit constantly motivates me to reach goals I never thought possible. Besides the physical benefits, CrossFit has also helped me build mental strength to cope with life’s challenges.

Turning Point

Experiencing the unexpected loss of my brother and sister several years ago motivated me to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Recently, my husband passed away after a four-year journey with cancer. That loss reignited my sense of purpose and appreciation for the gift of life.

Motivation & Passion

As someone who came into Crossfit later in life, I am stronger and fitter than I ever thought I would be. I want to help others realize their potential, no matter where they are in life. For me, Crossfit is about being strong, in body and mind, and to live the best version of live that we can. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the welcoming and supportive Crossfitters that have encouraged me on my fitness journey. I have been coaching since 2014 and am excited to share my passion for fitness and healthy living with others.

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