Nathan Lott

Nathan Lott



CF- L1
CF- L2

About Coach

I was a drifter. I did not care about securing a specific athletic ability and I spent most of my time as a teenager and young adult looking for trouble. I found it!

Turning Point

The turning point for me was when was given the chance to trust Jesus Christ. This changed the course of my life, how I view life, and even my goals in life. I began to experiment with different Fitness outlets and in 2012 found Crossfit. My journey would up and down until I found a consistent community of people to hold me accountable in 2016 and then later was given the chance to teach others about this great sport. Since then I have learned to push myself physically and mentally in all spheres of my life because of the principles and practices we learn in the gym every day. From the coaches to the programming, it all makes a difference and gives me a physical outlet that I love.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, I love helping discover that they "can"! Most things people come up against in the gym can be adapted, overcome, and achieved. Watching people accomplish things they never thought possible is one of the best parts of being a coach!

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